Zone 33 Leadership Seminar

Friday, May 14, 2021 | 12PM – 5PM

The new Rotary year is approaching and as we work to remain flexible and responsive to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zone 33’s leaders in MEMBERSHIP, PUBLIC IMAGE, and FOUNDATION are excited to host an afternoon full of learning and sharing. Each area will host numerous breakouts. Attendees are encouraged to hop between the three areas and their sessions, choosing the conversations that will serve you best in your role in your district or club. 


This year’s seminar is being held in conjunction with Rotary’s Presidential Conference hosted by Ascension Rotaract. Kick off your Friday with sessions targeted to support membership, public image, and the foundation, then experience and engage with Rotarians and Rotaractors from around the world Friday evening through Sunday.

12:00 PM Session: Using Public Image and Public Relations Effectively
In addition to using proper Branding, Rotary Clubs need to have positive communication of their purpose. This purpose needs to be conveyed in all that they do, say, or publicize to make individuals want to be engaged and involved in creating change.

1:00 PM Session: Using Rotary’s Brand
A review of Rotary’s guidelines and a discussion of best practices to use as we continue to present the proper Rotary branding to our communities.

2:00 PM Session: Public Image Tools, How Do YOU Use Them?
This session features a short presentation on Public Image Tools that are available, where to find them, and discussion on how we all can use the tools!

3:00 PM Session: Building Your PI Team
In this class, we will review the resources you will need and some tips to building a successful Public Image Team. You will also learn how to actively engage clubs to help them tell their Rotary stories.

4:00 PM Session: Telling Your Rotary Story – At A Rotarian and Club Level
Stories are one of the most powerful tools we have to engage others in Rotary. Learn how to build your story and share it widely.

12:00 PM Session: What is This Innovative Club Thing All About?
Innovative clubs provide new and different avenues into Rotary for many members of our community for whom traditional clubs may not be a good fit, or where a current club model is not available. Allowing all our community to join our great organization ensures that Rotary will survive, and in fact thrive, for decades to come.

1:00 PM Session: How Do I Get Involved with Innovative Club Effort?
Starting a new and innovative club could be the best thing you ever do for your community and district. We will give you a full toolkit to create new and appealing clubs. Following this session, Rotary in your community will be limited only by your imagination!


12:00 PM Session: Changing the World Using Global and District Grants
Join us for an update on Global and District Grants and how these grant funds can support local and international communities. We will discuss how to find an international partner and how different Districts and Rotaractors can collaborate to increase the impact of a grant.

1:00 PM Session: The Value of Giving to the Annual Fund SHARE
Learn how giving to the Annual Fund – SHARE and the District Designated Funds (DDF) process works. Listen to Rotary Leaders talk about how donations to the Annual Fund SHARE make it possible for Rotary and Rotaract clubs to collaborate and tackle some of the most pressing needs both near and far.

2:00 PM Session: Giving Today and Tomorrow to The Rotary Foundation
Come get ideas on how to encourage giving at different levels: Every Rotarian Every Year; Sustaining Member; Paul Harris Society Member; and Major Donor. Also hear ideas on increasing the number of Benefactors and Bequest Society Members. Learn strategies to encourage Rotarians and Rotaractors to give to TRF!

3:00 PM Session: PolioPlus: Getting Your Rotary Family and Your Community Involved
Polio eradication is our #1 priority! We promised the children of the world that we would eradicate this dreaded disease. Come learn the latest facts on why we must continue to support this initiative. Find out why we are seeing unusual happenings in the fight against polio, and why we are doing what we are to counter them. Learn about initiatives to increase visibility in our communities and encourage others to give to Polio!

4:00 PM Session: Raising Major Gifts and Growing the Bequest Society
Join us to learn how to encourage giving in your District through Major Gifts and the Bequest Society! Learn how Fireside Chats, Million Dollar Dinners, and Annual Foundation Banquets not only increase giving but they change how Rotarians think about future gifts.