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Congratulations on your selection as Governor-Nominee! This will be one of the most exciting and rewarding years in your Rotary journey. This page is intended to provide you will information and updates from the Governor Nominee Learning Seminar (GELS) team. It is designed to help you develop a strong foundation of information and skills and to make your year as Governor effective by assisting you in leading and inspiring your clubs to the next level of success.

Summit 2024

Register for the 2024 Zones 33/34 Summit Today!

If you have not already done so, register for the 2024 Zones 33/34 Leadership Summit, taking place October 23-27 at the Sheraton Hotel at Station Square in Pittsburgh, PA.

Registration for the event is now open, for which you may please click the button o register.  A link you can use to secure your lodging is found in the FIRST BULLET on the page the first link takes you to, so if you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to reserve your lodging ASAP, as there is a fixed number of rooms available in the room blocks.

For more information visit the Summit website.

GNLS 2024 Facilitators

Our GNLS 2024 Team!

Our Team is excited to be working with you!

Help us make your year as District Governor-Nominee and beyond the very best years possible.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.

PDG Sean

(D7545, DG 2020-21)

E: sawyer.higinbotham@gmail.com
M: (304) 288-8862

PDG Heather

(D6920, DG 2022-23)

E: hakellen@gmail.com
M: (478) 244-1714

DG Chris

(D6950, DG 2023-24)

E: casella6950@gmail.com
M: (813) 493-1329

GNLS 2024 Schedule – Save The Dates

What’s you can expect at GNLS 2024!

The GNLS 2024 program is filled with superb speakers, insightful information, and fantastic fellowship!

We need everyone’s commitment and participation to make this an irresistible occasion!

Prior to the 2024 Leadership Summit in Pittsburgh, there will be five (5) online GNLS sessions all of which will be held monthly on the 1st Thursday from 6:30pm (ET).

The format will include 60 minutes of learning and facilitated discussion on various topics,
followed by +/- 15 minutes of fellowship and fun!

Session 1

May 02, 2024

Foundation Action Plan (FAP)

PDG Carl Treleaven (Past Zone 34 EMGA),
PDG Nancy Barbee (Past Zone 33 RRFC and Incoming Zone 33 EPNC),
and PDG Bruce Azevedo (Incoming Zone 34 EPNC)

Session 2

June 06, 2024

Session 3

July 04, 2024

Session 4

August 01, 2024

Session 5

September 05, 2024

Coming Soon…

Checkout Videos from Past GNLS 2024 Sessions

GNLS 2024 Speakers

Our 2024 Keynote Speakers

Coming Soon…


Network and Learn from Leaders in Rotary to Become a Leader yourself in your District!

More info coming soon…


Improve Your Leadership Knowledge and Skills

Have you completed the necessary courses and learning plans for Governors in the Rotary Learning Center?


If you have not completed the District Governor Basics course at the Rotary Learning Center, please wrap that up prior to our May 2 session.

Directions to access that course are:

  • Login to myrotary.org
  • Click on ‘Learning & Resources’ (from the top menu bar) and select Learning Center
  • Click the ‘View’ button in the District Leadership box, select “District Governor Basics”, and click on Enroll in the upper right corner of your screen


More info coming soon…


More info coming soon…