Hybrid Meetings Technology Video

Wondering how to deliver a "hybrid" meeting, where you have both a live audience (conventional club meeting) plus a virtual audience? These challenges are covered in this informational and "how-to" video, along with a written cookbook for successfully delivering hybrid meetings.

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Hybrid clubs and streaming technology

During the COVID crisis and pandemic many clubs have seen an increased level of engagement with members due to the introduction of video conferences and...

Hybrid Rotary Meetings Technology Guide

It may be some time until all Rotarians are comfortable with attending "in-person" Rotary meetings like we have always had. In the meantime, clubs are considering "hybrid" meetings where some members meet in person and others join virtually via real-time conferencing apps such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. This guide will save you countless hours of research and trial-and-error. Please invest the time to read through it and you'll be halfway to getting your Hybrid Meetings strategy launched.

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Zoom Quick-Start Cheat Sheet

Excellent "how-to" user guide for new and non-users of Zoom. Send to your members who find Zoom intimidating and daunting. Screen shots and suggestions for taming Zoom into the app you want it to be. Promote your Virtual or Hybrid meetings to those not yet participating. Courtesy of D-7280.

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Discover Rotary Video Example

Live video of a Virtual Rotary Information Hour - this club calls it "Discover Rotary". Same format as in-person or Hybrid Discover Rotary. Search on RECIPE for step-by-step instructions on how to do an effective Rotary Information Hour.

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