One of the most frequently asked questions the Zone 34 Public Image receives is “How does the Public Image Citation work this year?”  It’s a great question because we are doing things so differently this year.

In the past, we would send out a professional brochure on glossy paper and everyone would get excited and work hard to accomplish as many of the requirements early in the year when enthusiasm was high. And then things would get kind of quiet. And then somewhere around February or March you could tell Club Presidents were asking their chairs about potential citations, awards and other recognitions because activity would pick up again right before the application to receive the citation was due. 

But if there is one thing we have learned in communications, marketing, advertising and social media it is consistency is key. A tsunami of content followed by a prolonged drought is not effective in the long run. Weekly updates to your social media channels and websites will create a cadence that people are trained to expect and hopefully anticipate your next message.

So that is how we have mapped out this year’s Public Image Citation. Consider it a public image journey for your club or district. We want to instill sustainable habits, processes and strategies in every Rotary Club in Zone 34. And as they say, the Rotary Zone 34 Public Image Team will be practicing what we preach. Every member of the team will be responsible for creating content that can be leveraged by Rotarians in Zone 34. Whether it is a blog entry, webinar, social media post or strategy consultation, we are going to be in the trenches with you all the way through.

So back to the Public Image Citation. . . 

Every month, clubs will have a specific task that needs to be completed in order to qualify for the 2020-21 Public Image Citation. The July task was simple. Just register that you want to be a part of the campaign. The August task is creating a content calendar to help you plan what you are going to post every month. In September, we will ask clubs to submit their Public Image Plan for the rest of the year. In future months, we are going to ask for samples of what you did that month. Social media posts to promote World Polio Day. In November, we want to see website updates or blog posts sharing how the Rotary Foundation makes a difference in communities around the world as we celebrate Foundation Month. Later this year we will have a video contest as part of the Public Image Citation. Plus, we are going to ask that you attend our monthly webinars. Communication is a two-way sport, right?

Plus we are giving out achievement badges all along the way. Yay!

We look forward to working alongside every district, every club and every Rotarian as we share how our wonderful organization makes a difference in the lives of people around the world.

Let’s go!


July –
Deadline 9/30
Register for the Public Image Citation
August Create a content calendar
September Submit your Public Image Plan

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