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Director David D. Stovall

David retired from commercial banking in 2011, after a 32 year career, 22 years of which were served as President and CEO of a national market NASD bank holding company. He then launched a new career as a commercial real estate broker. 
David has held a vast array of responsibilities in his district and in Zones 33 & 34 over the past two decades, and is currently the Rotary International Director for 2018-2020 in Zones 33 & 34. 
David and his wife, Kim Waters, enjoy much commonality in their marriage. Aside from their mutual passion for both Rotary and real estate brokerage, they are both instrument rated pilots in both land and sea categories, and enjoy cooking, hiking, tennis, and boating together.
As humanitarians who enjoy putting back into their endeavors, David and Kim are Level Three Major Donors of The Rotary Foundation, as well as Level Three Bequest Society Members of The Rotary Foundation.
David has received the Four Avenues of Service Award for Individual Rotarians, and has received both the Citation for Meritorious Service and the Distinguished Service Award of The Rotary Foundation, its two highest awards to individual Rotarians.


Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern USA, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname

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