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Zone Leadership Team

Ron Ferrill

Rotary International Director 2016-18

Rotary Club of Martinsville, VA USA (D7570)


Zone Newsletter: Bill Strickland, D6910

Zone Website: Bill Pollard, D7600

Zone Database: Mark Landman, President - DaCdb

Zone Communications & Directory: Phil Morris, D7690


Zone Institute Executive Committee 2017

General Chair: Randy Lickey, D7710

Leadership Seminar:  Nancy Barbee, D7730

Programs: Jamie Mick, D6950

Relations:  David Edwards, D7030

Arrangements/Facilities:  George Huffman, D6980

Audio/Video:  Dave McCoy, D7690

Registration:  Gene Windham, D6910
Treasurer:  Cookie Billings, D7690


Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern USA, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname

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